Europlanet JRA1-NA1 Workshop

Planetary Geodesy and Ephemerides 
To be held at the Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography MIIGAiK (, Moscow, Russia, on 2011, November 14-16


This workshop, organized with the support of the FP7 Europlanet-RI program, will bring together scientific teams involved in planetary geodesy, dynamics, and ephemerides in the context of the space exploration. Spacecraft tracking data and astrometric observations from space have become crucial for dynamical modeling of planetary bodies and for production of accurate ephemerides. Also, space exploration missions bring us the unique possibility to obtain accurate planetary reference data, in particular shape-, rotation-, and gravity field models. The workshop will be orientated towards theoretical modeling, acquisition of observations, as well as methods for data reduction and analysis. The purpose of the workshop is also to reinforce or initiate possible new collaborations in these domains. 

Key words: 

Planetary Dynamics; Solar System Ephemerides; Reference Systems; Gaia Mission; Radioscience; VLBI and Laser tracking.


Two kinds of presentations are foreseen:
- Tutorial (30'): graduate level - universitary book
- Standard communication (20' including discussion)
The workshop program will reserve much time for discussions and exchange of ideas.

Important dates:

April 30, 1st Announcement: Call for indications of interest
May 31: 2nd Announcement: Call for abstracts, registration opening
July 15: 3rd Announcement: Preliminary program
September 15: 4th Announcement: Final call for abstract and registration
October 15: Abstract deadline & registration deadline
October 30: Preliminary program
November 14-16 : Workshop

Meeting Hosts, MIIGAiK:

Prof. Vasiliy A. Malinnikov, Rector MIIGAiK
Prof. Victor P. Savinykh, President MIIAiK and Pilot-Cosmonaut

Scientific Organizing Committee:

Dr. Jean-Eudes Arlot, IMCCE-Paris Observatory, , France
Dr. Véronique Dehant, Royal Observatory of Belgium
Dr. Nicolai Emelyanov, Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow, Russia
Dr. Daniel Hestroffer, IMCCE-Paris Observatory, France
Prof. Anatoly Konopikhin, MIIGAiK, Moscow, Russia
Dr. Valery Lainey, IMCCE, Paris-Observatory, France
Prof. Jürgen Oberst, German Aerospace Center and MIIGAiK, Moscow, Russia
Prof. Helmut Rucker, Europlanet NA1 representative, Space Research Inst., Graz, Austria
Mag. Manuel Scherf, Europlanet NA1 Operational Manager, Space Research Inst., Graz, Austria
Dr. William Thuillot, IMCCE-Paris Observatory, France
Dr. Konrad Willner, TU Berlin, Germany

Local Organizing Committee, MIIGAiK:

Prof. Jürgen Oberst (
Prof. Kira B. Shingareva
Dr. Valery Lupovka
Mikhail Semenov
Sergey Dubov


The meeting will take place at the Moscow State University for Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK), located in Moscow (building and room number to be announced). MIIGAiK is conveniently located in central Moscow in proximity to the Kurskaya or Baymanskaya Metro station. Moscow resorts to three major international airports (Sheremetjevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo). Pick-up and transportation from the airport to the venue  could be provided (please contact the organizers). The workshop language is English!  Translation will be available in exceptional cases only. 


- Kurskaya Metro Station, Trolleybus Lines A,10

- Baumanskaya Metro Station, Trolleybus Lines 25, 45

MIIGAiK #4 , Gorokhovsky pereulok 105064, Moscow, RUSSIA

Website: http://


Public transportation via Metro is straightforward.  A number of hotels are available in reasonable distance to MIIGAIK at reasonable costs  Hotel booking is straightforward through various online reservation services or through the hotels directly.   Please contact the organizers in case of problems. In addition, MIIGAiK resorts to a visitor lodge, where accomodation is available for a limited number of workshop participants.  


Several grants for travel are available from the NA1 structure of the FP7-Europlanet-RI programme.


For further information or help, please contact:



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