Europlanet Workshop on Planetary Geodesy and Ephemerides

Nov 14-16, MIIGAIK, Moscow


Preliminary Agenda



Monday, November 14

09:00   Registration

10:00    Astrometric Observations from Spacecraft and Ground (Moderator:  J. Oberst)

J. Oberst / V. Malinnikov / V. Savinykh / W. Thuillot, DLR/MIIGAIK/IMCCE

Welcome and introduction to the Workshop


S. Klioner, TU Dresden

Gaia: project, status and scientific promises


W. Thuillot, IMCCE

Astrometry on alert for the Solar System objects observed by Gaia


J.E. Arlot, V. Robert, IMCCE

Ground based astrometric observations in the scope of the arrival of the Gaia star catalogue


11:30   Coffee Break


V.M. Lipunov and the MASTER Team, MGU, Sternberg Astronomical Institute

The MASTER robotic telescopic network and its capabilities for observations of the Solar System objects


A. Pasewaldt, DLR

New Astrometric Observations of Phobos and Deimos with the SRC on Mars Express


13:00   Lunch

14:00    Orbital Modeling of Planets and Natural Satellites (Moderator:  W. Thuillot)

N. Emelyanov, MGU, Sternberg Astronomical Institute

The accuracy of observations and the precision of the ephemerides of natural planetary satellites.


A. Vienne, IMCCE

Modern ephemerides of planetary satellites


M. Zamarashkina, Institute of Applied Astronomy of RAS

The numerical ephemerides of the Martian satellites


A. Poroshina, IPA RAN

Orbits of the main Uranian satellites based on observations


G. Kosmodamianski, IPA RAN

Construction of the numerical motion theories of the Galilean satellites of Jupiter and major satellites of Saturn.


16:30    Coffee Break and / or Visit at MIIGAiK Extraterrestrial Laboratory 


Е.А. Smirnov, I.I. Shevchenko , Pulkovo observatory

Massive identification of asteroids in three-body resonances


A. Christou, Armagh Observatory  (via Skype)

Co-orbital motion in the solar system


Vasilkova O., Shakht N., Lvov V., Tsekmejster S., Pulkovo observatory

Trojans and quasi-satellites of the Solar System planets


V. Lupovka, H. Hussmann (MIIGAiK + DLR)

SPICE-based Orbit Integrator


19:00   Team Dinner



Tuesday, November 15

10:00    Spacecraft Tracking (Moderator:  J. Ping)

J. Li, Shanghai Observatory

VLBI tracking of Lunar and deep spacecraft and application


W. Zheng, J. Ping, J. Li, Shanghai Observatory

Applications of Chinese VLBI Network in Deep-space Mission


S.V.  Pogrebenko, JIVE

PRIDE - input to planepology


Lazarev E.N., Rodionova J.F., Shevchenko V.V., Shibanova M.S., MGU, Sternberg Astronomical Institute

Data reduction and analysis of laser tracking of Venus, Mars and its satellites.


V. Lainey et al., IMCCE

GETEMME- A Cosmic Vision Proposal to Explore the Martian Satellite System


D. Dirkx, B. Vermeersen, Delft University of Technology

Interplanetary Laser Ranging: benefits, challenges, and prospects


13:00   Lunch


14:00    Orbital Modeling of Spacecraft (Moderator:  V. Lainey)

A.H. Akosta, V.E. Zharov, MGU, Sternberg Astronomical Institute

Modeling the Orbit of the „Radioastron" Project Space-based Radiotelescope


K. Wickhusen, H. Hussmann, J. Oberst, X. Shi, F. Damme, S. Bauer

Stability and Evolution around Binary Asteroids: Application to the Marco Polo-R Mission Scenario


I. Nadejdina et al., MIIGAiK

Coordinates of Soviet spacecraft on the Moon


16:00    Coffee Break and / or Visit at MIIGAiK Extraterrestrial Laboratory


16:30    Applications in Planetary Geodesy (Moderator:  S. Klioner)

J. Ping, Shanghai Observatory

Lunar Geodesy By Chang'E space missions


A. Gusev, Kazan Federal University (KFU)

Dynamical parameters of the Phobos' physical librations


A. Stark, J. Oberst, DLR

Measurements of Mercury librations from image and altimeter data


A. Zubarev, K. Willner et al., MIIGAiK + TU Berlin

The Phobos control point network and global shape by Mars Express observations


V. Malinnikov et al., MIIGAiK

The multifractal approach to approximation of gravity fields of small Solar System bodies


К. Kholshevnikov, B. Schaidulin, CPBGU

Accurate estimates of the Laplace series for the gravitational potential of celestial bodies


19:00   Adjourn


Wednesday, November 16


10:00    Institutional and Project Activities (Moderator:  A. Gusev)

K. Shingareva, MIIGAiK

Proposal for a multi-lingual dictionary and encyclopedia in Planetary Geodesy



Planetary Geodesy, Cartography, and Exploration at MIIGAIK


R.A. Kascheev and the CST Team, Kazan Federal University (KFU)

Project Development: KFU Center for Space Technologies 


W.Thuillot, IMCCE

The ESPaCE  FP7-program for new ephemerides of natural satellites and spacecraft


D. Hestroffer, IMCCE

IMCCE: an Institute for Ephemerides Elaboration and Diffusion


12:30    University- and Museum Tour (in preparation: visit to local historic church)

13:15   Lunch

14:00   Leave for Visit at Memorial Museum of Astronautics

18:00   Adjourn



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