European Strategic  Meteor Workshop
5-­6  July 2012

Moscow  State University of Geodesy and Cartography
(MIIGAiK), Russia


The Meteoroid Flux in the Martian Satellite System – Models, Predictions, Observational Data, and Implications.


     In their journey about the Sun, the terrestrial planets are bombarded by meteoroids, ranging in size from tiny dust particles to large boulders. This workshop is to explore models and observations of the meteoroid population in the Martian satellite system and possible implications.

    The workshop will initially investigate evidence for the meteoroid flux on the surface of Mars and on its two satellites. We will review the observed asteroid and comet population intercepting the Martian orbit, and we will discuss the impact flux inferred from fresh impact craters on Mars, as identified in image data from the cameras of the orbiting MOC and MRO spacecraft. We will also study models of the impact flux on the tidally locked Phobos and Deimos, taking into account the orbital motion of the satellites as well as trailing- and leading-edge effects. The question of impact ejecta and dust, as well as the formation and survival of dust streams will be explored. Crater statistics for Phobos and Deimos will be examined to search for asymmetries of the global crater distribution. Also, the question of the orbital evolution of the two Martian satellites and implications for the meteoroid bombardment history will be addressed. We will also discuss questions on the origin and absolute ages of the satellites. The workshop will bring together astronomers, planetary scientists, as well as Phobos / Deimos experts to carry out a synthesis of all available information.

   The workshop is the 6th in a series within the Europlanet NA1- meteor theme, following in the footstep of last year’s highly successful workshop on the Lunar Meteoroid Flux. With new missions to Phobos and Deimos currently being in the proposal and planning stage, the workshop  topic is very timely.


Local Organizing Committee, MIIGAiK:
Dr. Valery Lupovka (Head of Committe)
Mikhail Semenov (Deputy Head)
Dr. Irina Karachevtseva
Vadim Sizenkov
Vasily Dmitriev
Sergey Dubov


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MIIGAiK #4 , Gorokhovsky pereulok 105064, Moscow, RUSSIA

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