The Meteoroid Flux in the Martian Satellite System - Models, Predictions,


Observational Data, and Implications


MIIGAiK Extraterrestrial Laboratory (MExLab), July 5-6, 2012





Thursday, July 5 - First Day


10:30  Registration, Coffee


11:00  Welcome and Logistics                              


           Welcome by the MIIGAiK Rector (V. Malinnikov)


           Welcome by the Workshop organizers (J. Oberst, V. Lupovka, A. Christou)



Session 1:   The Meteoroid Context (Chair:  V. Lupovka)


11:15  Introduction to the Workshop (J. Oberst)

          The Meteoroid Flux on the Moon - Results from the 2010 Europlanet Workshop @ Berlin


11:30  A. Christou

          Meteoroid streams in the Martian system


12:00  V. A. Leonov

          Structure of large meteoroid streams                                                                                                                


12:30  Lunch



Session 2: Meteoroid Encounters with Mars (Chair:  A. Christou)


13:30  J. Vaubaillon (by Skype,  to be confirmed)                                                                                                                                                    


14:00  I. J. Daubar

          Current Impact Flux at Mars                                                                                                                               

          Is the current Mars cratering rate typical of geologic time?     


14:30  M. Gritsevich

          Extension of the existing meteor models to the Martian atmosphere                                                            


15:00  O. Popova

           Meteoroid fragementation in the Martian atmosphere                                                                                   



Session 3: Meteoroid Encounters with Phobos (Chair:  I. Karachevtseva)


15:30  V. Dmitriev

          Comet population near Mars and predicted meteoroid encounters with Phobos                                       


16:00  V. Lupovka

          Simulation of meteoroid impacts on Phobos and global crater distributions                                                           


16:30  Coffee Break



Session 4:   Phobos Dust and Rings (Chair:  M. Gritsevich)


17:00  A. Zakharov

          Dust at the Martian moons and in the circummartian space                                                                          


17:30  V. Sizenkov

          Orbital evolution of ejecta from Phobos and formation of dust rings                                                           


18:00  T. Duxbury (to be confirmed)

          Boulders and groove formation on Phobos                                                                                         


19:00  Team Dinner



Friday, July 6 - Second Day


9:30    Coffee



Session 5:   Crater Populations on Phobos (Chair:  J. Oberst)


10:00  I. Karachevtseva

          Crater population and statistics for Phobos                                                                                                      


10:30  D. Uchaev

          Texture-based algorithm for automated crater detection                                                                               


11:00  Dm. Uchaev

          Multifractal models and statistical tests for crater hemispheric abundances                                                


11:30  T. Shingareva

          Effect of Sun elevation on crater counts on Phobos                                                                                         



Conclusion of the Workshop


12:00  J. Oberst / all

         Discussion:  Workshop Publication?                                                                                                                  


12:30  A. Zakharov / J. Oberst

          Future missions to the Martian Satellite System            


13:00  Lunch / Adjourn



14:00  Visit of MIIGAiK Museum


15:30  Visit at the Memorial Museum of Astronautics (@VDNH)



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