1. Alexander Zakharov - Dust at the Martian moons and in the circummartian space
  2. Alexander Zakharov - SSE-program_2015-2025-2
  3. Apostolos Christou - Meteoroid streams at Mars (and its moons)
  4. Denis Uchaev - Texture-based algorithm for automated crater detection
  5. Dmitry Uchaev - Multifractal model for Phobos crater size-frequency distribution
  6. Ingrid Daubar - Current Impact Flux at Mars
  7. Juergen Oberst - The Meteoroid Flux on the Moon - Results from the 2010 Europlanet Workshop @ Berlin
  8. Maria Gritsevich - Extension of the existing meteor models to the Martian atmosphere
  9. Olga Popova - Meteoroid fragmentationin the Martian atmosphere
  10. Thomas Duxbury - Boulders and groove formation on Phobos
  11. Vadim Sizenkov - Orbital evolution of ejecta from Phobos and formation of dust rings
  12. Valery Lupovka - Simulation of meteoroid impacts on Phobos and global crater distribution
  13. Vasily Dmitriev - Comet population near Mars and and implication for meteoroid environment


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